What causes peripheral neuropathy?

imagesThere is a condition that makes you feel pain in the places where you know you haven’t injured yourself in any way. This pain can be really strong, and could lead to stress, sleepless nights, depression, or even some organ failure. This condition is called the peripheral neuropathy, and is caused by some of the nerves in the peripheral nervous system that get damaged in some way. These nerves start sending wrong information to the brain, and brain reacts accordingly – the wrong way. Also, these nerves may cause some organs to work as they shouldn’t, as well as out limbs. But, what exactly causes this? We know that the nerves are the ones that make it happen, but what causes them to do so? Well, we’re about to find that out.

There are two major reasons for the creation of this condition, and they can be inherited or acquired. If the peripheral neuropathy is inherited, that means that we’ve gotten that by birth from our parents and their parents before them. However, if it’s acquired, it can be done through trauma or a disease process. Sometimes, it is not possible to identify the cause of neuropathy.

Since the name of the inherited neuropathy is self-explanatory, we will try to answer the question of how the peripheral neuropathy gets acquired. It can happen due to a physical injury, and this is the most common cause of peripheral neuropathy. It can occur due to an injury or sudden trauma, or due to the repetitive stress. When it comes to the sudden trauma, this action could sever the nerves, compress them, crush them, or damage them in any way, which leads them to do the wrong thing. The bigger the trauma does not mean the lesser the nerve damage; in fact, some smaller traumas could damage the nerves more!

Repetitive stress could cause this condition as well, and it leads to the entrapment neuropathy. This happens when you do the same thing over and over again, be it an activity or work-related. This could cause the ligaments, muscles and tendons to get inflamed or swollen and cut the path the nerves take to deliver the message to the brain.

images (1)There are also some diseases that can cause this condition, and because there are a lot of them, we are just going to tell you little something about each. Metabolic and endocrine disorders can harm our body’s ability to transform nutrients into waste, which could lead to the damage of the nerves. Small vessel disease decreases the supply of oxygen to the peripheral nerves, making the faulty at some times. The autoimmune diseases can lead to nerve damage because our immune system attacks our body’s tissue in that case. Cancers infiltrate the fibers of the nerves, thus damaging them, and neuromas are caused by an overgrowth of the tissue of the nerve.

Luckily, this can be treated, because there is a nerve pain medication called Nerve Renew which works quickly and effectively. It is a food supplement which can help with the symptoms of neuropathy, and help people suffering from it feel a lot better.