Mexico Arrests Suspect In Disappearance Of 43 Students

MEXICO-CRIME-STUDENTS-PROTEST Last September in Mexico City, 43 students disappeared and killed. The man who is suspected to have committed these murders is a member of drug cartel and goes by the name of Felipe Rodriguez. He has several previous charges and is known to the police.

Felipe Rodriguez aka “The Brush” who is the Guerreros Unidos gang member was deprived of liberty and it is believed that he is responsible for disappearance of 43 students. In a brief statement given by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office was not spoken about the investigation nor was revealed more details.

 Police said that of the 43 students who were killed, 26 were from the City of Iguala. They were killed and their bodies were burned to aggravated identification, after that they were thrown into the river. This cruel method of killing greatly complicates the identification of victims. For now, with the help of DNA methods, successfully was identified only one victim. While under heavy national circumstances, investigators are hoping that the case will not be closed and that they will be able to identify the other 42 victims of this brutal murder. The pressure can be felt by the public and the family members of missing, who wish to see ending of this investigation soon. The police is currently doing everything in their power to end this investigation.Mexico Disappearance Of 43 Students

 DNA testing in most cases will help in determining identification of victims. However in this case it is a very difficult job lean victims’ remains were burned. And then so charred thrown into the river. All this represents a major puzzle for researchers because they do not have with which to compare the DNA of the victims.

 Guerreros Unidos gang cartel is one of the largest in Mexico City. Authorities believe that in their network is implicated more police officers and political officials of this country.

mexico missing students In November last year, mayor of Iguala, Jose Luis Abarca, was arrested due to the drought that he had ordered the kidnapping of these students. It is not known the reason why did the mayor Jose Luis Abarca, ordered the kidnapping of these college students, for now. But what is known is that in the same period his wife, Maria de los Angeles Pineda, was arrested and charged with organized crime and money laundering. The couple is now in custody, but a trial for crimes for which they were the accused has not started yet.

 Officials believe that in this whole crime of disappearance and murder of 43 students is involved more than 90 people and they all are suspected of complicity in the crime. Most of the suspects are police officers. This store yet a waits for its ending but in meantime everyone should keep an eye on their kids. Parents can help and educate their kids on safety and security. It has been a great issue in all of the world and cases like this are on a rise. To prevent this from happening all of us need to contribute and help out.

Belgian Troops Guard Key Sites In Wake Of Anti-Terror Sweep

Belgian Troops  The port city of Antwerp with its Jewish quarter was guarded by soldiers because of terror targets. This happened across Belgium in Sunday. In recent decades, this is one of the biggest threats that befell both Belgium and the whole of Western Europe. Even the Belgian Prime Minister said that it is possible that a certain number of troops to be sent and in other cities in order to protect certain embassies in Belgium. After the anti-terrorist raids that took place on Tuesday and in which life lost two terrorists, Belgium raised the alert level from terrorists 3 to.

 Meanwhile in France, Said Kouachi, one of the attackers at the center of the magazine Charlie Hebdo, was buried in the city Reims. Although the mayor of Reims opposed to this idea, he had to depart from its intention to ban the burial of the terrorists in their city. ABelgian Troopsccording to the law of France, anyone who was born in the city has the right to be buried in the some. While it is allowed to bury the body of the terrorist in the cemetery of the city, his funeral was carried out discreetly and anonymously.

 Said Kouachi and his brother Cherif killed 12 people at the center of the magazine Charlie Hebdo before they were stopped and killed by police officer. Said’s brother was buried in a suburb of Paris, where he lived. As for the third attacker, who killed four people and who also was stopped by French anti-terrorist unit, his funeral has not yet been carried out and it is without knowing when it will be.

 Since the terrorist threat spread throughout Western Europe, the police forces of several countries are working jointly to detained and declined threats that have affected European countries. In a joint police operation in Friday was captured and detained 30 suspects. The majority of suspects were at the possession of weapons, explosives and other lethal weapons which were seized at the same time. They also found a few police uniforms that are considered that they should serve as camouflage in need of the same.

Belgian Troops In Brussels on Thursday, was conducted anti-terrorist operation in one of the industrial districts of the city. The police on this occasion managed to avoid the next terrorist attack, such as preventing two terrorists who were killed in the clash with police. Information that is transmitted after police operation indicated that there were three attackers who attempted to deal with the police during a raid. Although the two were deadly prevented from further attempts, the third attacker was seriously wounded. Police believe there are indications that these attackers in Brussels were actually returned from the holy war in Syria, which was conducted in previous years.

 Although the entire Western Europe is in shock because of the terrorist attacks that have happened in recent days, it is considered that the threat is still there. What constitutes a great question, and the puzzle is whether these attacks in Belgium and Paris are linked. For now, there are no indications that the attack on the center of the magazine Charlie Hebdo can be linked to the attacks and the threat that exists in Brussels, the officials said.