What Are The Risks With Teeth Whitening?

With its incredible rise in popularity all around the world, many individuals are now starting to bleach their teeth for that Hollywood smile. Teeth whitening as a service has exploded exponentially and with sessions starting at $49 each time, it is easy to see why this is becoming such a popular way of brightening your smile. There is no doubt about it that yellow stained teeth respond well to bleaching and even after a few uses one can see the immediate benefits.

How is teeth whitening done?

The process of teeth whitening works by the dentist applying a powerful bleaching agent across the teeth in a special mould. The mould is left to sit in your mouth for around an hour and in that time the hydrogen peroxide gets to work removing those yellow stains. The degree of whiteness that you will be able to achieve from whitening your teeth will depend on the individual, the extent of the staining as well as the type of bleaching product used.

While there hadn’t been many studies into this, doctors are now being told that certain products might have a bad effect on your teeth.  Some of the common risks involved in teeth whitening include tooth sensitivity and damage to the roots. While any type of procedure such as this can cause problems, as long as you are safe and use recommended products that have been advised by a health professional, you shouldnt run into any problems.

It is important before you undertake any form of teeth whitening that you consult your dentist first. Miner Dental is one of the best practices for teeth whitening in the United States and offer expert guidance an consultation on all areas of dental health. they will be able to properly check your mouth for any cavities and other elements that may cause complications during the process. You can also speak them to get advice on the different products available to make sure you have the best and safest option.

What are the different kits available?

There are numerous different types of teeth whitening kits that are currently offered and it can be a hard decision to know which one to pick. The typical teeth whitening kits that you will get for home use contain between 10% to 20% peroxide so it is best to pick one that is in the middle of this range and use with extra caution.

teeth whitening

Using these kits also requires that you use them correctly. Always follow the instructions and never leave them on for longer than necessary. If you do leave these in for longer than intended, this can cause a soreness of the gums.

Once the process has been finished, it is always advisable to allow your teeth to rest for a few days and give them time to adjust. You might also want to try adding a high fluoride product into your daily routine which will also help re-mineralize your teeth. Try applying these products to the mould and wear this for approximately 3 minutes before you actually use the teeth whitening kit.

For after care, purchase a tooth paste that is specifically made for sensitive teeth. This will also help as these types of toothpastes contain an ingredient called potassium nitrate which will only help control the sensitivity.

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