Doing Tricks with Your Stunt Scooter

downloadStunt scooters are a great thing to have, but you really can’t do much with them unless you know how to do any stunts. Of course, no one was born with this knowledge in their heads and reflexes, and that is why you need to practice, and practice a lot. In order to become great with your stunt scooter, you first need to learn some basic moves and tricks, and then work your way up to the big leagues. Here, we will show you some basic moves, and tell you how to do them, and hopefully, this will just be a first step into becoming a real stuntman riding a stunt scooter.

As we have said, you have to start small, and that is why we are first going to tell you how to do a basic jump. You just stand in the middle of your stunt scooter and then jump. The scooter will go up with you, and then all you have to do is to land safely. Once you become experienced in this, you can even try popping your legs up as you jump, and then getting the back in their place, on the deck of a scooter.

Some moves are just fun to watch and fun to do at the same time, and one of them is sitting on your scooter. In order to do this, you have to get your stunt scooter going really fast, and then try sit on the back of your feet (basically squat) while still holding the handle bars with your hands. Keep in mind that you must hold your balance the entire time, because the first couple of times, you are definitely going to fall down.

A tailwhip is a move considered to be attractive by most people, but besides that, it is also a move that is going to teach you how to go pro on your stunt scooter. So, as you’re riding your scooter, just jump and start flicking your legs to the side. While you’re in the air, use your hands, which are still holding the handlebars, to start flipping the scooter. The key here is for example in getting my pro scooter down in a perfect position, so that I can jump back directly on (1)

Grinding is a move that can be done the following way: speed up your stunt scooter, and then jump while turning the scooter to the side. Then, land on a bar or a rail, and start grinding your way down it. Keep in mind that you have to tilt your body the opposite way, or else you’re going to fall down.

Once you’ve become great at these tricks, you might consider trying out some moves on a ramp. Only start doing these moves if you feel confident enough, and if you believe that you have fully mastered all the previous moves. This is a great step into becoming a professional with your stunt scooter, and that is why it is essential to start doing it as soon as possible.